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Online Yoga Classes Are Here!

Hi gorgeous ones,

I’ll keep this one brief! Maybe like me your email inbox is flowing right now, with all kinds of NY offerings, so I promise this won’t too long! I appreciate January is both a time of winter weather, getting back into life, and realisations, plans and thoughts for the year…

I hope you are all well and your Christmas was enjoyable however you spent your time.

So just to spell it out, this time of year can feel like everything. It is both a new year and also a new decade, so there is a clean slate feeling. However, this time of year can be overwhelming, and wow so compromising! A need to rest and be, coupled with a need to do.

I too have a list and many yoga plans and offerings bubbling up for the year, however I want to both honour and allow the unfolding of this month – let’s all give ourselves time…. Trusting there is enough time 

So, without further ado, lets put one grounded foot in front of the other together into the year with some yoga, meditation and full body breath! Come and join me for a lovely Vinyasa flow class starting next week on the 14th January and all of February for FREE!

A delicious hour’s class for all levels including beginners at 3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, NW5 3AA, only a short 5 minutes walk from Kentish Town tube and over ground station, Tuesday lunchtimes, 12.30pm-1.30pm. A truly gorgeous magical studio space.

You will find all details of the Tune in and Flow classes on my website under public classes at charlottenolanyoga.co.uk or you can call me for more details: 07769 863731

Mats are provided, so bring yourself just as you are, and a friend or two if you like. There’s plenty of space, uplifting tunes, and positive supportive vibes!

More news to follow soon, and in the meantime I wish you an easeful, happy start to your year.

With all my heartfelt love, Charlotte xx

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