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Online Yoga Classes Are Here!

Hey, lovelies!

It’s nice to touch base with you all! As I write, the wind is blowing yet again, and my thoughts are drifting for the longings of sunnier, warmer and longer days! A lot of my own personal practice has been more dynamic of late, keeping the body extra warm and also the energy flowing.

As we know, it’s not always so easy to stay motivated, so I recommend some nice delicious bursts of yoga practice, and some restorative practice also. Spring isn’t quite here yet, so keep warm and nurture yourselves. Also, some vitamin D supplements might feel really needed right now, so up your self-care if you are feeling that a lack of sunlight is affecting both your energy and mood.

I’m really delighted to share some nice outdoor news in preparation for when the weather does turn that corner: I have had a recent mention in a new lifestyle magazine, and the details are here for you to take a little sneak peak at! Some of you may remember that last summer, I started to offer early morning yoga sessions on Hampstead Heath, with a lovely separate meditation session also. All before people’s days got fully started, offering a lovely way to get going during the summer months.

I was approached by Archant Publishing to give my thoughts on helping promote the benefits of outdoor yoga, and of course any opportunity in our city life to think outside the box to practice – making the most of wonderful green spaces of Hampstead Heath, and gaining all of the benefits of nature by stepping out of the yoga studio norm.

I feel this approach can redouble the benefits of yoga, helping us to really be one with our bodies, and also emphasise our connection to breath too. But particularly importantly, it’s just such a fun way to practice! There’s also a certain freedom in being outside, that an indoor practice simply doesn’t tend to provide.

I will be doing this again this year, so watch this space for the details. A few sentences about my thoughts on why being on the Heath really is magical are in the article. So have a read! It’s also a nice publication with some interesting lifestyle tips and ideas.

Have a lovely Sunday and stay warm and cosy, and I look forward to being in touch soon!

Charlotte x

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