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Online Yoga Classes Are Here!

Hello beautiful people,

Asking you how you are, feels like such a big question right now… know as I write this I am thinking of each of you, and sending love from my home to your home… or wherever your cosy inside stay home space it right now. I hope wherever you are you are both safe and well.

I have just been reading through my last newsletter to you written literally just after New Year, and within it I mentioned all the yoga plans I had bubbling up for the coming year ahead… the situation that all of us are now finding ourselves in, just shows that we never really know what’s around the corner, ain’t that the truth! As the heading says, change really is the only constant we have.

So, for everyone right now, it is scary, uncomfortable, uncertain, and for nearly all of us certainly a really anxious time. However, as humans we do have the great capacity to be adaptable and strong, and unlike the big world changing events especially the two world wars of past history, we have so many resources at our fingertips, not least amazing advanced technology allowing us to both stay connected to people and the outside world on so many levels, and continue life in a do-able restructured way. Also, I feel as I have let all of my usual daily structures go and take new forms; begin to open up to the possibilities of creating a new life and way of being, not just now, but taking whatever is created in these coming weeks and months to contribute to a much needed, new and better world, once we reach the other side.

As you all know, Yoga is a powerful tool, which can support your daily needs of de-stressing, re-balance and is also great for re-energising the system. In times of big change, it can be all of this, the benefits are endless, but can also give the necessary grounding, empowerment and re-centering to help you gather your breath literally and move forwards, in your centre, with two feet firmly planted on the ground.

These are extraordinary times, and as I watch colleagues and friends people from all walks of life, offer their skills and services online to support all those that feel the need, I am in awe of how we can all rise up when we need to. In all of our “Stay Home” time, it’s a great opportunity to rejuvenate, heal and take some valuable time to look inside, making some space to allow what’s really important to us and may have got clouded somehow in the busy-ness up until now of our daily lives, to come to the surface. I also encourage you to begin to dare to ask the big questions, for instance how do I want my life to be on the other side? There are so many big questions right now, but it’s worth going there as there are also so many possibilities.

My public teaching stopped completely a few weeks ago, and I too have been literally zoomed into a new way of offering. I’m now more used to the technology, and it’s been a fun start and I’m so pleased I can still offer Yoga support and Yoga community space to you all! I want to tell you about my current online Yoga class offerings, which kicked off this last weekend just gone. These are via Zoom, it’s a really clear easy way to connect and a great option right now.

Currently, there are two 60-minute classes. I will offer more as time goes on. I would love for you to come and practice either or both, classes will be ongoing, every week so whilst we are in the midst of such changing times, let’s all be in this together, in the spirit of community.

These are Open-Level classes and for all!
Wednesday – Wind Down and Chill – 5.30pm-6.30pm

A slow flow class with deep restorative postures, to calm the nervous system, and to provide grounding and balance.

Sunday – Flow Vibes – 10.30am-11.30am

A dynamic, warming Vinyasa flow, to both generate and ground energy, strengthen the system and empower the soul!
All the details – including the ability to book yourself onto a class – are over on my Online Yoga Classes page, however you can email me on charlotte@charlottenolanyoga.co.uk for more details or call/message me on 07769 863731 too.

These are paid classes, however if you are not financially resourced at this time, please message me. I’d still love you to come and join, and donations are welcome.

Bring your mat, and if you have yoga props great, and if not it’s time for us all to be really creative! Your laptop or phone for zoom, and of course your lovely selves.

Please also do let me know what you might need right now in terms of yoga offerings, as mentioned my offerings will grow and taking into account specific needs would be so beneficial for you. Would you like a class specifically tailored for beginners, a workshop with a particular focus on a posture, a longer class? It maybe that you would like to practice as a family with a session just for all of you, or a couples or private session maybe. Please get in touch and tell me what support you need right now. It would be an honour to give you what you need.

Let’s come together in community, build strength, courage, resilience and also importantly be the change we want to see in the world.

I hope to hear from you soon, and also see you soon together on the mat

Stay well and safe and sending love,

Charlotte xxx

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