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"The Sacred Charge"

( A Yoga exploration of Chakras and Creativity )
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"The Sacred Charge"

( A Yoga exploration of Chakras and Creativity )
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This delicious 2 hour In-Person workshop event is the perfect way to step out of your Winter layers and invite Spring into your step!

Saturday 11th June 2022 | 10.30am – 12.30pm
Open Level

Wac Arts, The Old Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 4QP

In a fantastically easy to access location, 5 minutes from Belsize Park Tube station, close to the Overground for the North London line, and also a very short walk from the greenery of Hampstead Heath, with cafes and restaurants also very close by. I’ll be so excited to welcome you to join me for 2 hours of delicious meditation, yoga practice, exploratory tools for creative self-enquiry, and some sweet relaxing treats to finish, including relaxing yoga nidra, and then a quick herbal cuppa and a decadent yet healthy raw chocolate or two to ease and smooth your way home afterwards!

This workshop has been born from the popular and the much enjoyed “Chakra Balance Flow” class, that I taught online during lockdown, and offers a more energetic flavour to Yoga and spiritual practice. Over the last two years my desire to create and offer deep rich creative yoga offerings has grown more fully, and been explored and infused not only with the unfolding of my own personal journey, but the needs and responses of my students, and what their own desire for spiritual practice and self-development journeys are asking for. With all of this in mind, I look forward to offering more of this, and in-person too which is very exciting!

The Chakras and working with them, is a wonderful tool for self-enquiry and opening up the channels of self-awareness and can add another layer to a yoga practice. I’ve found combining this with creativity can be a really wholesome experience, and can support more mental, emotional and spiritual clarity, tapping more fully into your creative desires, answering those unanswered life questions and also having a more creative spiritual practice experience.

The different self-enquiry practices that I have enjoyed and gained so much from, including my ongoing writing journey, the shifts and growth and stillness too of my own physical practice and meditation journey, all combined to create the deliciousness of many creative workshops to come!

During our time together, we will arrive together with a short meditation practice, move our bodies with opening, balancing chakra focussed vinyasa flow yoga, explore creative self-enquiry tools with the inner journey of writing and sharing. We’ll then finish our time with a short relaxing Yoga Nidra Practice, a lovely herbal tea and a beautiful sweet raw treat made by a very talented friend of mine and fellow Yogi, Laura, for you to enjoy!

I’m so excited to be with you all.

• Please bring your own yoga mat. If you know you need props such as a block and/or brick, bring these with you also. Also bring any warmer items for relaxation and sitting.

• A notebook and pen, and a crystal or personal item if you’d like to place something on our collective altar space.

• If you are pregnant and new to yoga please get in touch.

• If you have any physical restrictions or injuries, then please do get in touch to let me know, I can suggest modifications to help support your yoga practice.

• If you have any food allergies or any other physical conditions that you think I need to know about, please get in touch with me.

Spaces are limited to 8 places – Early booking is strongly advised!

Workshop tickets are priced at:

£ 50 – Regular
£ 25 – Supported/Discount

Bookings can be very easily done through my booking site Bookwhen booking system.

You will receive email notifications from me about your booking and more about the workshop and our time together, leading up to the 11th June.

“Joining this group is offering me a calm and steady raft of tender support in these choppy times. Charlotte holds a very special space of knowledge, integrity and authenticity. This allows for a yoga practice of both dynamism and softness.

She is also exquisitely well organised and a brilliant communicator, sending timely emails and links, weaving practicality and magic.”

- Joanna

“I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the yoga. I have often struggled as I lack confidence and flexibility, but I really feel like you make it so inclusive and interesting it’s actually finally making me think yoga and I could get along! Thank you for opening that up for me. xx”

- Laura

“The Sacred Vessel Workshop has brought a much-needed grounding to my week. Journaling is new to me, combining it with yoga practice has been really eye opening and being able to discuss this with such a beautiful group of inspiring women has been a blessing.

I’m so grateful to Charlotte for providing the space, both digitally and energetically. Her ability to tune in and connect to the groups needs each week, even via video link, is truly wonderful.”

- Amanda

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