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Practice in an early morning class is a deeply nourishing way to start the day, boosting body, mind, and soul

My public group classes are fun, wholesome, and inspiring. I generally teach an open-level Vinyasa flow class, to which beginners are always welcome and positively encouraged! Bring your open heart and mind and your willingness to practice, and I’ll bring my encouragement, inspiration, great music, thoughtful sequences and themes, and a willingness to support and guide you on your own personal yoga journey.

Classes are a great way to be in a space with others and enjoy the motivation that group classes always bring.

All public weekly classes are currently online, and classes are running each week – come check them out!

“Since joining Yoga I feel so much more relaxed and positive.

I look forward to the class every week & Charlotte’s style of teaching has been amazing and has taken me from a complete beginner to a proper yogi.”

- Fern

“I attend Charlotte’s yoga class every Tuesday morning and it is something I thoroughly look forward to throughout my week. I have a very busy and stressful schedule between work and university, and being able to unwind for an hour in the morning is revitalising.

Waking up for the class is never difficult as I always know Charlotte will be there ready to welcome us with a smiling face and contagious energy. Her classes challenge you and push you beyond your comfort zone yet she tailors the session for all the different levels present in the class.

I love having the opportunity to be taught by Charlotte and look forward to the progress I will make throughout the rest of the year attending her class!”

- Kendra

“Charlotte’s a really great teacher, she takes the time to make sure we know how to do the poses properly and each class is unique and challenging and I love how she encourages us to listen to our bodies.

It was my 8 year wedding anniversary on our class night and I made my husband wait it out for me as I didn’t want to miss her yoga class as it makes me feel so good afterwards.”

- Tanya

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