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Upcoming Yoga Courses

In-depth Yoga and Creativity sessions, individually tailored for each student, providing an opportunity to explore and dive deeper into your personal practice.

Do you have a desire to explore, create or expand an aspect of your life? Are you at a bit of a crossroads, and would like to gain life changing and supportive tools to help you take the next steps? Have the expansion and opening benefits of a Yoga and meditation practice left you feeling excited about life, and wanting to do more and bring your personal gifts into the world? Are you a creative, and would love to use Yoga and spiritual practice to explore your creativity more? Or, do you like the idea of a personalised course which includes all the wonderful aspects of a physical Yoga practice, Meditation, Breathwork – but also possibly some Creative Writing practice, Dance, and Relaxation practice too?

Have you ever practiced Yoga, and thought: “Ok, what next…?”?

Well, maybe “The Sacred Pathway” is just for you!

With sessions tailored specifically for you, course prices include check-in and support time in between each session, so that you feel that extra guidance throughout our time together. There are two course options to choose from, and the price includes an initial call to find out what your intentions and desired outcomes are:

“The Sacred Pathway” : Step into your flow – a 4-week course (£399)
“The Sacred Pathway” : The ongoing path – an 8-week course (£699)

*On booking of the 4-week course, a discount code is available for the 8-week course continuation*

This is a beautiful opportunity for both Beginners to Yoga and more intermediate students. All sessions can be online or in-person.

Please reach out to me to arrange a free discovery call to find out more!

“The Sacred Vessel Workshop has brought a much needed grounding to my week. Journaling is new to me, combining it with yoga practice has been really eye opening and being able to discuss this with such a beautiful group of inspiring women has been a blessing.

I’m so grateful to Charlotte for providing the space, both digitally and energetically. Her ability to tune in and connect to the groups needs each week, even via video link, is truly wonderful.”

- Amanda

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