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Upcoming Yoga Courses

A 6-week Women’s Yoga and Soul Writing Journey
Online, via Zoom
Limited spaces
Begins September 2021

With two very successful workshops online in 2020, and a profound journey with some incredible women, I am so inspired and excited to announce the running of this wonderful workshop again this Autumn!.

After what we have all been through in this last year and a half, it feels more important more than ever to come together in an energetic community, explore, be creative and share!

The feedback from last year’s two experiences was really wonderful, and I want all of you to come and jump on board and have a fabulous experience too, travelling in our exciting creative vessel altogether!

“The Sacred Vessel Workshop has brought a much needed grounding to my week. Journaling is new to me, combining it with yoga practice has been really eye opening and being able to discuss this with such a beautiful group of inspiring women has been a blessing.

I’m so grateful to Charlotte for providing the space, both digitally and energetically. Her ability to tune in and connect to the groups needs each week, even via video link, is truly wonderful.”

- Amanda

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