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Upcoming Yoga Workshops

There are currently no yoga workshops scheduled, but keep watching this space – there will be more coming soon!

“Joining this group is offering me a calm and steady raft of tender support in these choppy times. Charlotte holds a very special space of knowledge, integrity and authenticity. This allows for a yoga practice of both dynamism and softness.

She is also exquisitely well organised and a brilliant communicator, sending timely emails and links, weaving practicality and magic.”

- Joanna

“I just did my first freestyle Yoga session after doing 12 weeks of Yoga with Charlotte. There is no way I would have done that before, or had any idea of what to do before September, so I’m really pleased.

I’m amazed at how Yoga helps you feel so deeply into your body. I just had a little cry and released some tension. I totally recommend her classes!”

- Flossy

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